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The idea of opening Cornerstone came to us as an unexpected revelation. We initially didn't intend on opening a coffee shop, but it just called to us. When we first looked at the building that is now Cornerstone, we saw how beautiful downtown Peotone was and all the potential it held. We knew we wanted to invest in Peotone - we loved the town and have fallen in love with the community. We strove to combine our passion for great coffee with our passion for community. 


In opening Cornerstone, we hoped to create a "home away from home" environment where people could meet comfortably and engage in fellowship with one another. We believe that we are called to love others well, and we hope to accomplish and foster that within our shop. From our employees to our customers, we want everyone to feel like family.


It is essential for us to have a product that we are proud to serve, and we want our customers to be confident in it as well.  For this reason, we decided to choose suppliers that offer organic, fair trade coffee and teas, and we try to support local businesses wherever we can. We are grateful for the wonderful community of Peotone and hope to serve you well for many years! 

- Jim & Amy Williams -

wedding cornerstone.jpg


At Cornerstone, our goal is to create high quality, craft beverages that result from sustainable practices for our customers to enjoy. Every drink we make is intentionally weighed and measured to guarantee that you receive a consistent, delicious beverage each time you come in. Not only do we strive for our products to be excellent in taste, but we want to ensure that they are composed of high quality ingredients from sustainable practices. 

For us, having ethically sourced coffee means working with producers and suppliers who actively support the environment and support the farmers who work hard to bring us such great products. Being fair trade is one way that we can ensure we meet these standards. Not only are our coffee beans and loose-leaf teas fair trade, but they are organic as well, ensuring that you receive the highest quality beverage possible. We are proud to work with and serve Tiny Footprint Coffee and Arbor Teas in our store. 

We also believe that the materials and processes used to make our serving containers are just as important the drink itself.  Our mission is to be good stewards of the earth, which is why choosing an eco-friendly supplier for our paper goods is essential. We not only want to be proud of what we serve, but we want our customers to be confident in every purchase made at our store. Partnering with Green Paper Products guarantees that our paper goods are eco-friendly and sustainable. 

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