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Cornerstone Coffee House



So Glad to Meet You!

At Cornerstone, we want you to feel like family!

Stop by 124 W. Main Street in Peotone, Illinois and say hello!


Our philosophy is to be good stewards of our earth by using organic, fair trade coffees and teas.  We strive to serve excellent coffee to excellent people (like you!).

We also believe our community is a very important extension of our family.

It takes a village.

love your neighbor a latte


Tiny Footprint

Tiny Footprint is the world’s first carbon negative coffee. Through a unique collaboration, they are able to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions that result during the coffee process. They achieve this by donating a portion of their proceeds to fund reforestation in Honduras, and those trees help remove CO2 from our atmosphere!

Because of their passion for quality coffee and global preservation, we are proud to serve Tiny Footprint as our House Coffee of choice!

Pour-Over Coffee 

Our pour over coffee is usually a dark roast, or specialty roast from Tiny Footprint Coffee, or other local roasters. With a pour over the beans are freshly ground specific for your cup of coffee.

With a pour over we create fresh and rich flavor notes that you may be missing out on with a normal coffee maker. Pour over is a simple method into upping your coffee game and getting the best taste out of your coffee.

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


When choosing suppliers, we look to see if their philosophy matches ours. We want our products to be eco-friendly, fair trade, organic, and as local as possible.

That's why we chose to partner with suppliers like  Tiny Footprint, Arbor Teas,  Green Paper Products, and others. 

At the end of the day, the coffee we pour needs to be quality. It must be ethically sourced and produced and made sustainably. It needs to be something to be proud of. Thanks to our suppliers, we can confidently say that it is!

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